Types of solar panels

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Alternative energy is actively popularized all over the world and in Ukraine. The environmentally friendly and promising sphere is constantly developing, so more and more varieties of solar panels appear.

If you want to use solar energy for industrial buildings or residential areas, you need to carefully study the features of different types of equipment in order not to overpay, but to get the right cost-effective panels for specific regional climatic conditions. 

In the article, we will consider the common types of solar panels, their advantages and disadvantages, so that it is easier to choose the right equipment.

Виды солнечных панелей

Monocrystalline solar panels

Монокристаллические солнечные панели

Monocrystalline silicon wafers are distinguished by a uniform dark blue surface color. They are made from the purest silicon, so they are the most efficient of all silicon wafers, and therefore more expensive than others.

The cost rises due to the fact that it is difficult to orient all the crystals in one direction. Monocrystalline solar panels show the highest efficiency only when the sun’s rays fall perpendicularly. Because of this, such panels are most effectively installed at heights or open areas. For the northern regions, it is better to choose other types of panels, but the closer to the equator, the more preferable is single-crystal panels.

Polycrystalline solar panels

Поликристаллическая солнечная панель

Polycrystalline panels are characterized by an uneven blue surface color, since the crystals are oriented in different directions. To create polycrystalline panels, less pure crystals are used than for monocrystalline ones.

Thanks to multidirectional crystals, even with scattered light, a high efficiency is obtained. Polycrystalline panels are less efficient than monotypes, but generate more energy in cloudy weather.

Due to the heterogeneity of the material and the peculiarities of creation, the cost of structures is significantly reduced. If in the manufacture of monopanels it is necessary to orient the crystals in one direction, then when manufacturing polycrystalline solar cells, the directionality is not controlled, and after cooling, they are cut and processed.

Polycrystalline panels are installed on the roofs of public buildings and private houses, so they are in great demand in the market.

Thin film solar panels

Тонкопленочные солнечные панели

Thanks to thin-film technologies, low-cost solar panels are made. Thin-film panels are especially popular for large farms generating “solar electricity”, especially those with small budgets for purchasing panels and large areas of land dedicated to batteries.

Thin-film solar equipment is mounted on the ground, on roofs and even on the side surfaces of houses.

Thin-film panels are used for systems that generate energy directly to the grid. It is recommended to add high-voltage controllers and inverters for solar panels to the station package, which do not fit with household systems.

silicon batteries

Кремниевые панели

Silicon panels are made from amorphous silicon, and the process is different from that of crystalline hardware. A hydride is used rather than a pure material, so classic crystal formation does not occur, which reduces the cost of production.

Due to the structure of amorphous silicon, silicon batteries effectively absorb scattered light photons.

Silicon solar panels are ideal for northern areas where vast areas are empty. At high temperatures, the productivity of silicon panels is less than that of their counterparts, but still sufficient for domestic consumption.

Advantages of each type of solar panels

Consider the advantages of each type of panels.

Advantages of monocrystalline solar cells:

  • high level of efficiency;
  • compactness. They are placed on small sites, given the power of the equipment;
  • reliability and durability. Monocrystalline panels will successfully convert solar energy into electricity for 25 years.

The polycrystalline solar panel, in turn, has the following advantages:

  • effectively generates energy in diffused sunlight;
  • panels are suitable for installation on roofs;
  • more attractive price in comparison with single-crystal analogues;
  • durability. For 20 years, the panel will show the highest power, then the indicators fall by 15-20%, but still allow generating energy.

Silicon panels:

  • universal. Suitable for installation on any buildings;
  • high efficiency with scattered sunlight;
  • work stably even at high temperatures;
  • simple and reliable, the structures practically do not break;
  • effective even under difficult conditions, such as dustiness;
  • service life – 20-25 years.

Thin film solar panel:

  • works effectively with scattered radiation;
  • cost-effective in regions with foggy and cloudy climates or in industrial areas with difficult environmental conditions (smoky and dusty).

Disadvantages of various solar panels

When choosing solar panels, we recommend taking into account the disadvantages of one or another design

Monocrystalline are the most expensive and sensitive to air pollution. Dust scatters light even in sunny weather, which reduces the efficiency of equipment.

Polycrystalline panels have a reduced efficiency (compared to the previous type of batteries). Bulky, so more space is needed for installation.

Amorphous silicon panels also require large areas for equipment installation.

Thin-film panels are inexpensive, but due to their lower efficiency, they also require more space than their predecessors.

Each type of panel is optimal for specific operating conditions. If you do not know what type of equipment to choose, contact our manager via the website or by phone, and they will help you choose the appropriate type and configuration of the solar station.

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