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Industrial solar power plants for enterprises under own consumption

Design, installation, commissioning

Industrial solar power plants are relevant for:
Stations can be adapted to your requirements, ground, trekker, roof or combined
Warehouse premises
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Agro companies
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mall, shops
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Hotel complexes
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Gas stations, service stations, car washes
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Become energy independent and save your profit
Payback period up to 4 years
Installation in 4-9 days
10 year warranty
Documentary support
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Предприятия, солнечная батарея
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Industrial solar power plants

Turnkey solar power plants for enterprises are an environmentally friendly, profitable and attractive business.

Industrial solar panels convert UV rays into electrical energy. Stations are placed in large open areas to receive as much sunlight as possible. Solar energy can be converted in many ways, but the most cost-effective is industrial solar panels.

Our company designs and installs industrial power plants. We help you choose a battery with the required capacity and carry out installation work in compliance with all requirements.

Solar power plants for production are becoming more and more in demand in Ukraine, given the number of advantages they provide:

Industrial solar power plants in Ukraine are a profitable business, given the geographical location of our country and the stimulation of the development of the sector at the state level.

Construction of industrial solar power plants

When building a solar power plant, it is important to adhere to a clear list of works:

This is an average list of works, which may vary during the construction of a particular facility, taking into account the introductory conditions of the area.

Experience is important for the competent and proper construction of solar power plants, but you also need to constantly monitor innovations in the field of renewable energy. This is a steadily developing area in which the governments of many countries are interested, so new effective solutions appear every year.

“We use powerful modern equipment and guarantee fast work in compliance with deadlines. A turnkey industrial solar power plant is a popular service among Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Investments in the development of solar energy begin to bring money as quickly as possible, which allows you to recoup investments relatively quickly and start making money on solar energy.»

We also offer maintenance and reconstruction services for already built solar power plants.

Features of the installation of turnkey industrial solar power plants

The main advantages of solar power plants for enterprises are profitable investment and versatility. Different types of terrain are suitable for installing models, the main thing during installation is to maintain the correct angle of inclination. The performance of the battery depends on the slope. If the installation standards are violated, then even a powerful industrial solar power plant will generate less energy than a less powerful, but installed at the right angle.

Therefore, solar batteries for the enterprise are installed on special stands that are mounted on the roofs of workshops, warehouses and utility rooms, on the pitched roofs of administrative buildings and other surfaces that are allowed for installation of industrial models.

It is difficult to benefit from areas with a complex landscape, but not when it comes to solar stations. Using supporting metal structures, solar power plants for production can be installed even in areas with difficult terrain.

Each case has its own characteristics, but basically the construction of industrial solar power plants consists of 7 stages:

  1. Selection and coordination of the territory.
  2. Drawing up a feasibility study.
  3. Delivery of equipment.
  4. Installation.
  5. Station connection.
  6. Registration of documentation.
  7. Putting the object into operation.

Options for the operation of industrial solar power plants

The use of solar energy is popularized in Ukraine, the state encourages private entrepreneurs and industrial enterprises to install solar modules.

An alternative source of electricity is in demand for the following facilities:

  1. shopping malls and supermarkets;
  2. warehouses and logistics stations;
  3. farms and greenhouses;
  4. gas stations, car washes and service stations;
  5. retail stores and restaurants located in separate buildings;
  6. small manufacturing enterprises and workshops;
  7. boarding houses, sanatoriums and hotels, both in cities and outside the city.

Solar power plants bring a lot of advantages:

Paying electricity bills is an impressive part of the budget of any enterprise. Solar batteries for industrial facilities will help save a significant amount of money, provide clean, environmentally friendly energy, the generation of which is harmless to the environment.

Stages of creating industrial solar power plants

Thanks to the Association with the EU, in which our country has pledged to develop the field of alternative energy, Ukrainians are encouraged by one of the most favorable feed-in tariffs on the continent.

Solar power plants for an industrial enterprise are a profitable investment.

Solar power plants for an industrial enterprise are a profitable investment.

  1. It is necessary to register an enterprise – a legal entity, which will make it easier to receive possible benefits.
  2. Next, a feasibility study of the object is made. It is necessary to study the legislative base of a particular region, the potential of the facility, justify the placement of solar power plants, draw up a master plan, consider several technical solutions for equipment in order to choose the best one.
  3. Make out the lease of the land. It is important to foresee the restrictions that exist for land plots for solar panels. The plan is approved by local self-government bodies, and after that it passes an examination at the State Land Agency of the region.
  4. Obtain technical conditions for connection to power lines.
  5. Develop and agree on the project.
  6. Submit a declaration to the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate.
  7. They proceed directly to the construction of an industrial solar power plant. Within a week after the start of work, the fire inspectorate and self-government bodies must be notified in writing.
  8. Put the object into operation and connect the station to the centralized network.
  9. Issue a license for the production of solar energy.

Given the amount of work, many prefer not to do it personally, but to use the service “turnkey solar power plant for the enterprise”. Our specialists will not only design and install solar power plants, but also deal with legal issues.

Years of experience allow us to quickly complete the work and draw up documentation that takes into account all requirements.

We know that it is important for customers to get the station up and running as soon as possible, and we help make this a reality.

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