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Solar power plants

Turnkey solar power plant for various applications

Turnkey construction of solar power plants for private and legal entities
The cost of a solar power plant is from 590 USD to 800 USD per 1 kW of turnkey power. The cost will depend on the manufacturer of the equipment, the type of structures (pitched roof, flat roof, ground structures), the complexity of fastening and the condition of the roof itself.
Our areas of construction of solar power plants
Solar power plants
for home and green tariff
The green tariff is profitable. The green tariff for electricity is a special offer under which the state is required by law to buy electricity produced using renewable energy sources from individuals and enterprises.
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In Ukraine, the green tariff for individuals is set at a higher level than for industrial solar power plants, has a fixed amount and is guaranteed to be paid by the state based on the provisions of the Law on Alternative Energy Sources. Collapse
Solar power plants for business for own consumption
Many business owners, especially if the business is associated with high energy consumption, faced with the abolition of benefits and tariff increases, decide to invest in their own generation - green tariff.
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The most attractive from this point of view is the construction of solar power plants. Along with other energy-efficient measures, installation of solar power plants to replace (reduce) own consumption. This will not only reduce energy costs, but will also be a good addition to your enterprise's uninterruptible power supply system. These systems do not require a special place - they are placed on empty roof areas or plots of land on the territory of the enterprise, and the installation of a solar power plant can be carried out in the existing infrastructure. The use of such systems is possible, for example, for warehouses, shops, supermarkets, gas stations, car centers, food industry enterprises, printing companies, poultry farms, farms, logistics centers, hotels, recreation centers, etc. Collapse
Why do you need a solar power plant
Buy a solar power plant and you will receive:
At least 25 years of free electricity
A solar power plant keeps a stable voltage in the power grid of your home
Passive earnings when connecting the "green" tariff
We have developed an income/savings calculator for you depending on the capacity of the solar power plant
Generation is calculated as a weighted average. This indicator will be if the solar power plant is located in the central region of Ukraine. The southern regions of Ukraine can generate 6-8% more generation, while the northern ones — 8-10% less.
When calculating the payback period, the base cost of $600 per 1kW of plant power for photovoltaic modules was taken. Please note that the calculation is indicative. The cost of building a solar power plant may increase or decrease depending on the specific features of the project. Order the construction of turnkey solar power plants!
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