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Installing a solar panel is a modern and environmentally friendly way to get electricity for domestic and industrial needs. The design of the solar panel consists of several solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity. Thanks to innovative developments, modern solar panels are as efficient and affordable as possible. Electricity tariffs continue to rise, so the demand for solar equipment is constantly growing.

The influence of the season on solar panels

Угол установки солнечных батарей

The productivity of a solar station varies depending on the season.

In autumn, the most difficult conditions for work, because:

  • the duration of daylight hours decreases;
  • due to cloudy weather and clouds, the flow of sunlight is sharply reduced;
  • the dark earth absorbs the light of the sun as much as possible.

As soon as the first snow falls, things get better. Snow-white cover reflects light and increases diffused lighting.

In addition to the weather, terrain features also influence. Densely standing, especially coniferous, trees reduce the reflection of sunlight. The situation is not hopeless, but it will be necessary to capture diffused light by setting the panels at a specific angle.

In contrast, the open snowy field reflects more than 85% of the light, allowing stations to operate at full capacity even during short winter daylight hours.

However, it does not happen once at a time, and seasonal differences in the flow of sunlight fluctuate over a wide range. On an autumn or spring day, the performance of a home solar station can be drastically different.

Given the price of solar panels, it is recommended to purchase and install several panels in late winter or early spring in order to check the quality of workmanship and find out the possibilities of generating energy in a given weather. In the fall, when prices for solar panels fall and companies offer generous discounts, it is recommended to purchase additional equipment to create a full-fledged solar station.

It is also worth considering that even in summer the sun gives maximum heat, but for the station to work correctly, it needs to be cooled. Overheating of the equipment reduces its efficiency. Therefore, for example, on a sunny February day, when the sun shines dazzlingly and reflects from the snow, and compared to late autumn, daylight hours increase, excellent conditions are formed for the productive operation of the station.

Where is the best place to install solar panels

Установка солнечных панелей

Many are sure that the fastening of facade panels on the roofs of houses and buildings is the best place. Indeed, a convenient place, as open as possible to the sun, but there are some nuances during installation.

In order for the batteries to generate maximum energy, they need to be installed in the most lit place available, and this is not always the roof (especially given its design). Very often the best place for installation is an open land plot. Carefully choose a place so that there is no shade from trees or neighboring buildings, because if the polycrystalline panels can still cope with the blackout, then the monocrystalline ones will slow down the work a lot, which is undesirable.

Also consider not only the current state of the site, but also the possibility of building buildings on the neighboring one. 

If you prefer to mount solar panels on roofs or vertical surfaces of buildings, keep the distance between them so that the rows do not obscure each other.

Установка солнечных батарей для дома

What to consider for maximum power generation

To get the most out of your solar panels, consider the following:

  • shading. As mentioned above, specific types of batteries will slow down the generation of energy and even more – they can completely fail, not even justifying the investment in the purchase;
  • orientation. It is obvious that the installation of the solar battery is directed towards the Sun in order to capture the maximum photon flux. In the northern hemisphere, you need to orient the panels towards the south, in the southern hemisphere – towards the north;
  • incline. The calculation of the angle of installation of solar panels depends on the season and geographical location. The recommended angle of inclination is equivalent to the latitude of the area. Depending on the season, the angle of inclination is adjusted, adjusting to the position of the Sun.

Complete set for solar panels

The configuration of solar stations is different.

The standard kit includes:

  • solar panels;
  • inverter for solar panels;
  • battery;
  • aluminum structures for installation;
  • special cables and connectors.

Differences in the installation of solar panels for houses and apartments

Installing solar panels on the roof of an apartment building, as well as a balcony or loggia has its own characteristics. Recommended polycrystalline batteries, which maintain efficiency even in cloudy weather. Balconies and loggias are ideal if they face the south sunny side. It can also be installed on the east and west side, but the productivity will be lower.

When thinking over a miniature station on a balcony or loggia, consider not only the direction of the world, but also the required area for equipment.

You can install panels from the outside, but only if there is no glazing. If the balcony is on the top floor, then installation on the roof is possible.

Compared to this, the installation of solar panels in a country house or a plot of a private house is more variable, especially if you have a large plot. Before buying a solar station, we recommend that you seek professional advice from store managers who will recommend installation options, taking into account specific conditions.

Installing solar panels in a private house or apartment has a lot of advantages, while everyone wins: the planet, the state and the owner of the station.

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly, inexhaustible source of energy, and it is wonderful that our country motivates citizens to use it. Choose high-quality modern equipment for solar stations on our website, invest in your future and the future of our planet.

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