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Thanks to solar alternative energy, everyone will be able to become energy independent and safely ignore any news about tariff increases. But in order to get real indicators that will bring comfort and even profit, instead of a headache, careful research and correct calculations are needed.

Before purchasing a set of solar panels, you need to find out which solar power plant is more efficient for certain conditions and operating purposes.

Solar stations are widespread and used in many countries of the world. In Ukraine, solar energy is actively developing and encouraged by the state.

Today, 3 types of solar power plants are used in the country:

  • autonomous;
  • hybrid;
  • network.

Let’s take a closer look at the network and hybrid types, and compare which of them will be optimal for certain conditions.

hybrid solar station

Key differences of hybrid solar panels

It will be easier to understand the differences if we consider the principle of operation of each type of inverter:

  • grid inverters convert the generated energy and feed it to the grid, while there is no way to connect batteries. Grid inverters are used for stable power supply, as well as to sell electricity to the grid at a feed-in tariff;
  • The hybrid inverter for solar panels combines the functions of networked and stand-alone devices, so its range of tasks is much wider. During the day, solar energy is transformed into electricity, and adapts to the parameters of the household network. The hybrid inverter provides energy to the household network, charges the batteries to the maximum, and then dumps the excess into the network at a feed-in tariff. In the evening, the hybrid inverter uses the battery reserves.

The main advantages of a hybrid inverter include:

1) the ability to charge batteries to use the stored energy at night or on cloudy days;
2) the function of programming several modes of use, accumulation and discharge of energy;
3) the ability to power the household network mainly with alternative energy with the addition of traditional;
4) the function of supplying the generated energy to the grid at a feed-in tariff;
5) the ability to function independently of the fixed network;
6) the ability to stabilize the voltage to specific parameters when the mains voltage drops (which is often observed in the evenings when the load increases).

A hybrid solar panel has one drawback – the high cost, compared to stand-alone and networked counterparts. However, given the benefits and features they provide, this price is more than justified.

Features of grid solar panels

Solar panels are in demand due to their affordability, and the ability not only to generate energy for personal consumption, but also for sale at a feed-in tariff.

A network solar station consists of several elements: a network inverter, solar panels, fittings for installing electrical equipment and other auxiliary elements.

Differences between hybrid solar stations

Network solar station for the home provides the following benefits:

  • environmental friendliness of equipment;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • noiselessness of work;
  • the possibility of working on a feed-in tariff, and earning a fixed fee for the sale of electricity.

The disadvantages of the system include the variability of energy resources, taking into account the season and other factors. Also, the network station must be cleaned regularly: in winter from snow, and in summer from dust.

Efficiency of using hybrid solar panels

The main disadvantage of grid solar power plants is the inability to function when the central power grid is turned off. For example, if there is a major accident and everyone is without electricity, you will also not be able to connect to the network solar power plants. In an autonomous station, this disadvantage is leveled, but there is no way to sell the generated electricity.

Hybrid solar panels provide sufficient energy independence for domestic consumption, and by increasing the number of equipment, you can increase the profitability of the feed-in tariff.

When is it best to use grid solar panels?

Network power plants are needed to provide the facility with electricity and deliver excess energy to the network, making a profit. This is a significant savings on electricity, and the opportunity to earn.

Grid power plants are ideal for private households where the main goal is to save on ever-increasing electricity tariffs.

Network solar power plants are also purchased as independent facilities in order to only earn on the sale of recycled energy.

Grid power plants are only functional when there is a mains grid, as they are directly connected to it. In the presence of sunlight, they generate natural energy into electrical energy, and at night and in cloudy weather they use the network.

Ukraine is interested in promoting alternative energy sources and motivates consumers to purchase and install network solar power plants. The energy transferred to the grid is paid for at a feed-in tariff, which allows, after a while, to recoup the cost and installation of equipment and start earning.

How to choose the right set of solar stations

Each type of equipment has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the main aspect by which the type of power plant is chosen is the tasks that it will solve.

Network power plant is suitable for those who want to save on electricity consumption and earn extra money.

Autonomous is suitable for providing backup power supply.

A hybrid solar panel system combines the tasks of the previous two types of equipment, which affects its cost.

If you cannot determine which type of solar power plant will be optimal for you, please contact our consultants who will help you choose the right equipment.

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