How many solar panels do you need for your home

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Before calculating how many solar panels you need for a house, you need to determine what you are installing the modules for. For one, the main thing is to save on utility bills, for another it is an opportunity to invest and earn money, and for others, a solar battery for the home is needed to help maintain a clean environment.

Therefore, the main indicator on which the number of batteries is calculated is the amount of energy that will be used. Read on for more details about all the calculations and the necessary equipment.

сколько нужно солнечных батарей

How much and what to calculate

The calculation of the number of solar panels for a house depends on several circumstances:

  • roof size;
  • the amount of energy needed per month;
  • how much you can invest in the purchase of batteries (if you plan to make money on it);
  • the power specified in the contract for the use of electrical energy (the power of the solar station cannot exceed the indicators specified in the Green Tariff contract)

If you want to install modules only to cover personal needs, then consider the average monthly electricity consumption. Before you buy and install modules, it is imperative to calculate solar panels and power, especially if the stations are bought for business, and you are interested in recouping costs faster.

Calculation of the number of solar panels

As mentioned above, in order to calculate solar panels, you need to take its needs: calculate how much energy is needed per day and month.

Many people know how much electricity they use on average per month thanks to meters. Some calculate electricity consumption based on the technical data sheets of each appliance. Most importantly, carry out calculations with an error of + 30-40% in order to offset the lower energy supply in the absence of sunlight and the cost of operating the battery and inverter.

Summing up the above, in order to understand how many solar panels you need for a house, you need to:

  • calculate the power of the panel, taking into account the maximum solar activity – about 7 hours a day, since at night or in cloudy weather the energy reserve from the battery is used;
  • add 30-40% to the monthly energy consumption figure, which will be spent on the operation and charging of the battery and inverter. If in addition you purchase a controller, then the error reaches + 50%;
  • the total number of energy consumed must be divided by 7 (the average number of hours at which the system converts the maximum amount of electricity). The result obtained will be the power of one solar battery. If the indicator exceeds the capacity of one battery, more panels are needed.

To provide the right amount of energy in the winter season, you will need to add a battery or buy a battery with a higher output right away.

Battery capacity calculation

battery is a place where energy from solar panels is stored. The battery capacity reserve should cover the amount of energy that is used at night. Simply put, while the sun is shining, the modules generate energy, some of which is consumed, and some is stored in the battery. When solar activity subsides and evening sets in, solar energy from the battery is used up. For reinsurance, it is recommended to choose batteries whose energy reserve is equal to the number of daily consumption: 7 kW and more. Keep in mind that the accumulated energy is spent not only on domestic needs. but also to the operation of the battery itself.

The battery capacity can be 100 A/h, can reach 200 A/h. The higher the indicator, the greater the accumulation of energy from solar panels. In addition to your daily energy intake, also consider the season, region, and latitude.

The battery must not be allowed to fully discharge. Therefore, taking into account the error is the most important point.

Also pay attention to the following nuances:

  • the operation of lead-acid batteries consumes over 20% of the accumulated energy;
  • iron-nickel and cadmium-nickel consume 30% of the stored energy;
  • alkaline batteries do not require additional charging, they can be used until they are completely discharged, this does not affect their functionality.

There is a wide range of batteries for solar systems on the market. Products vary by brand, pricing, and stock capacity. Take into account the power of solar panels, the amount of energy required, and regional and seasonal weather conditions.

Any battery for backup power systems is perfect for solar power plants.

какое количество энергии дают солнечные батареи

What other technical devices will be required

In order for the solar battery for the home to work without interruption, we recommend supplementing the system with an inverter and a controller.

The inverter, receiving direct current from solar panels, processes it into alternating current, which is used in everyday life. Inverters of different brands differ in internal structure, technical characteristics and warranty periods.

Experts recommend buying sine wave inverters. They are presented in different price categories, so the final cost of equipment for solar stations depends on the quality of the devices and financial capabilities.

Battery charge controllers help prevent breakdowns, extending battery life. The function of the controller is to charge the battery during the most active sunlight, and when the battery is fully charged, turn it off.

Installation of solar modules does not require much time and effort, especially if you contact a specialized company. After buying all the elements, the most important thing is to correctly install the panels at the right angle so that the batteries absorb the maximum amount of energy possible.

If you have any questions, our managers will advise you and help you choose a set of system elements for specific requests.

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